How to Dress Like a Joanna…

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, the title is kind of lame and cliche I know! I just had to share with the world one of my favourite lines of jackets. I own three and annually have  an urge to expand my coat closet. What is this collection I speak of? Soia and Kyo, a Canadian brand from Montreal! It is the sister company to Mackage (was worn often on Gossip Girl). I wore these jackets long before I ever viewed that show but upon watching, I have no regrets! These coats are at the top of their class!

Now for the story behind my title? There isn’t any, except for the fact that I found a creation of theirs, named Joana! Aww, they named a jacket after me! (Yeah, yeah…one “n” not two). There IS one I have my eye on THIS season (the Joana is from years ago…so that is a no go), yet I am unsure how likely it is I will be purchasing it. I am opting for maybe a leather jacket this year?

The "Joana" by Soia and Kyo.



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