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This calls for some major celebration! I have maintained this blog for an entire year without fail. I hope you all have enjoyed my ramblings…and I trust that there might be a little bit of Joanna rambling for everyone? MMMM I should make cookies and call them “Rambles” and serve them with Black Currant Tea and Crumpets.

Then I shall invite my readers for a reader’s tea party. If you read this blog, speak up and you are added to my guest list.

I also want to write a little on the state of being insecure and how to change it into a positive outlook. I am not really an insecure person myself, but I must say that if you are one it would be wise to change your mindset from “they probably won’t like me” to “I know they like me, why shouldn’t they?” I did that years ago and my entire life went from negative to positive…just like that!

You also should never look at failure as permanent, only a mere change of plans. If something is not working out, it is clearly a door that was closed only for another (possibly better) one to open!

I am someone who lives by faith and although I am obviously not perfect, I do try to look at life as a journey. Imagine this: You are a traveler on a long and dusty winding road. A tree falls in front of you. You cannot explain why it happened and it was not in your plans! What do you do?

Well, clearly any wise person when looking towards a goal will not turn around or crumble into a heap. Wisdom will tell you that pounding your fists into the dirt in dismay over this sudden obstacle that has come your way will get you nowhere.

You could also BLAME someone. This will insure that you will never move from where you are. Sounds like a plan? Not in my books!

There it is, your path ahead of you and that massive tree in your way. It may take time to overcome it, but the tree does not have to be the end of the path for you. There is so much more beyond it! Maybe someone passing by can help you move it? Maybe there is a way around it, over it, under it? Or maybe (if you are a God fearing human being) you can wait on Him, and He will show you how to get through.

These are some things that I have thought about through the years.

a) The only people with no purpose on earth were the ones who were never made.

b) Do not waste your time blaming someone else for your misfortune. Everything after it is up to you, and wasting your life blaming someone else ends up hurting YOU far more than it will ever hurt them.

c) Do not hold grudges. The pain is all yours when you do.

d) You get nowhere by only talking about it. If there is something you dream of becoming give it a try. If it does not succeed, that only rules out the fact that it was ever for you and you can move on.

e) Assume when meeting someone new, that they like you. You have done nothing to make them dislike you so they have no reason to. If they treat you harshly, that isn’t your problem, that is theirs.

f) If someone treats you unkindly, shower them with kindness even if you do not feel like it at the time. You may not realize it, but it does begin to give YOU the upper hand. The Bible says it best. “On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Romans 12:20

g) When one door closes, another will open.

h) Look at every human being as someone that God took the time to create.

There are never ANY dead ends, only new opportunities.



Something Blue.

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Now do not get the wrong idea, I like my face. That aside, if I were to get to choose to look like ANYONE, it would probably be Kiera Knightly. Not to mention, she rocks the cardigan in this shoot and I am a huge fan of the dress.



The Tale of the Purple PINK Sweater.

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Click the photo if you actually want to see it. Yeah, I’m kinda boring…but after three weeks of waiting for it in the mail…it came. I am planning to live in it for the next few years or so. I am artistically expressing my anticipation for the wedding through this collage!


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