I’m a Belieber?

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Oh Biebs! Okay, so I got this really weird thought one day while listening to an old Moby song. What if Justin Bieber did his own cover of it (With maybe some rapping from someone in between? You know, the typical formula for many songs…although it would be something a bit different for this guy.)

The song I was thinking of I will post a link to in a second. But here’s the catch! Where the singer says “Lawdy” replace it with “Shawty.” HAHAH I am awesome. I think I just lost all my friends! My made-up version with “Shawty” is much, MUCH better than the original if I do say so myself.

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(Photo found at http://www.rockpic.net)



Sunflower Power.

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I was thinking of making a few more of these magnets but I have a few questions. I will list them numerically in order of importance.

1) Will anyone find a use for these?

2) What kind of price would someone be expecting to pay for something small and handcrafted? It is made of polymer clay and about 3 inches in diameter.

3) Does anyone have any other type of flower that they would like to see as a magnet?


Sophie Conran for Portmeirion: From the Potter’s Wheel

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This collection, when I saw it I knew that THESE were what I wanted! It helps that they are so tastefully sold in mint green boxes (that I am planning on reusing). They remind me of something made on a potter’s wheel because (I do not know if you can see in the picture) but they have little grooves along the sides as well as being slightly irregular in shape which I absolutely LOVE!

Needless to say the colour that I will be serving little cupcakes to my guests on is the colour “Celedon” which is that lovely greenish/grey/blue colour that you see in the picture. Very calming!

Any future bridal showers I attend, I will probably buy a piece or two to “gift” to someone, as pieces can be bought separately and the collection has a lot of variety. It ranges from your traditional place setting, to pitchers for water and exquisitely shaped decorative bowls that can be used for salad…or maybe even some potpourri?


Kind of Planning to Look Like This!

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Okay, so I do not exactly have a Mexican-American background. I was never a Desperate Housewife. I am, on the other hand…petite and a huge fan of the sophisticated, chic, soccer-mom-like style. It helps that she copied my look by dying her hair a version of my natural hair colour. People used to give my mom strange looks when I was a tot. “Who dyes their child’s hair at such an age?!” Thank you God, you did a great job!

In light of me becoming a real housewife…

I think this look works well.

Photo found at http://www.zimbio.com


Muse of the Moment: Katherina Dewson

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Photographer: Cornelia Klimek MUA & Hair: Cornelia Klimek

Photographer: Ema Suvajac http://www.emasuvajac.com MUA: Meaghan Coneybeare Hair: Sylvia Zuk

You may have already seen her face here and there. If you haven’t yet–you will! One part model, one part Harry Potter Fanatic and two parts fantastic. Katherina Dewson is a name that you should keep an ear out for. She is talented, ambitious and one who is set on following her dreams! She also is an awesome friend, who likes to run around with an SLR as I do, taking spontaneous photographs of the outdoors.



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Not really, but I do love the new Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga-zip pullovers! (Yes, I know the proper name in its entirety). You can ask Mircea how often I hinted…*cough* subtly (of course) on how I longed for one!

I have always felt that I need those key items of comfort in my closet and this seemed to be on of them. I know it doesn’t quite scream “I’m stylish.” However, it does scream…”Joanna, wear me, have me!”

You can only imagine the sheer horror I felt when my sister walks through the door wearing a brand new one last week. She knew I wanted one. On the flip side, I have done this MANY times to her…

Many, many…MANY times!

Anyway, this is what happens when you sleep in until 2 pm. I am by no means an insomniac, just acting like one.

Since my sister (Carolyn) now has the pink colour, I am purchasing purple. This all came about because I am returning an ill-fitting bathing suit and getting a sweater in place of it. Good trade-off right?


Minimalist Cute Pie.

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Okay I know, I REALLY should be putting up this website of mine! Until then, there is my blog (which isn’t going anywhere, even after the website is up).

Tell me what you think of this “darling” that I have hatched oh-so-recently.

Her name? Lil Miss Muffet. She is the fraternal twin sister of Lil Bo Pop. A little bit more minimalist, with a simpler yet equally feminine personality, she is not one to be outdone.

Small in size and big on style, she will add just the right “pop” of freshness you need in a room. (approx 40cm x 40cm)


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