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Here is an up-and-coming designer that I am hoping to feature on my website! Keep an ear out for the name Jessica Ranisau. Her designs are eclectic and ladylike…a perfect combination! Each headpiece is aptly named after people she has met throughout her life that have inspired her. So, which one are you? Are you an Alice…or a Joanna? Here are only a few of her many designs! Please contact me if you are interested in prices!

The Joanna.

The Tanisha.

The Alice.


My Top 10 Premarriage Resolutions!

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a) Curb the spending!

b) Have more girls nights!

c) Keeping on visiting Goodlife. BUNS OF STEEL. JUUUST KIDDING.

d) Master ZUMBA.

e) Learn to turn of lights automatically when leaving a room.

f) Take shorter showers!

g) Get those invites printed and SENT!

h) Have the most fun camping with the crew evar! Last summer, hard to top but this shall be a blast!

i) Find a Star of David Necklace for Hannah and Shoshanna.

j) Worry LESS!

I’ve Given Birth To Something Fresh.

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By Artist: Joanna Bathurst

I would like everyone to welcome into the world the first in my new line of decorative throw cushions. This little bundle of elegance is appropriately named, “Lil Bo Pop.” I hope you do not mind the play on words, it’s kind of my thing!

She is made of 100% cotton twill (in white) with a lace overlay in a dark cream. The ribbon is a Robin’s Egg Blue, which I also like to refer to as “Tiffany Blue.” Her size is approximately 40 cm X 40 cm.

Lil Bo Pop is also very eco-friendly as her filling is recycled fiber from an old pillow.

An unstuffed Lil Bo Pop with her siblings underneath!

I am in the process of creating two more (feather-filled) works of art. The general designs for both of them are finished, I am just needing to stuff them. They are the slightly larger size (approximately 50 cm X 50 cm).

I shall have a website up soon! If you are interested in pricing, please inquire privately. Thank you!


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