Lately I’ve Been Freaking Out About…

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Throw pillows!

This particular pillow I spotted at Ikea the other day.

I can't get enough of GRAY WALLS contrasted with white!

I have been imagining this combo in my head for ages so I decided to look online for some images of gray walls and white accents/trim. I think it is beautiful.

Lionhead Rabbits!

Are these not the sweetest little things? I suggest to everyone reading this blog that if you are not allergic, try to own at least one bunny in your lifetime. It’s worth it!

TOMS Canvas Red Classics!

 *HINT HINT* I would be an EXCELLENT housewife running around doing errands in these! They are soo lightweight, have a bit of arch support AND they help a good cause. My fiance catches me staring at these shoes online for hours, days, years! hahaaa For anyone who may be reading…I am a 5.5!

I know this is a short post but I am out people. 🙂

I am also starting my own business so keep an eye out for some Joanna creations in the near future! (The nature of the business is TOP SECRET! Just kidding!)



The Story Behind the Shoot.

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He worked hard and was a man of his word. Every day he ventured out to the shipyards, his peak cap perched casually on his head, hands covered and permanently soiled with the grime of hard labor.

She lived a comfortable, but lonely life amidst the chaos of the city. She wanted to get away. It no longer mattered what she bought, or how much she owned. Even being a fashion plate began to make her feel empty. She was like a tree that had long since fallen to the ground in a summer storm, its insides being hollowed out by all the wood boring creatures of the forest.

There they were, two hearts waiting to meet. Crafted so intricately for each other, her flaws meeting his and being neutralized by the simplicity of true, selfless love.

Then one fine day, as she was venturing into the unknown, her sorrowful heart crying out for something true that could not be bought…

And he, working hard at what he did best, going on his merry way having never met anything to fill that little space inside of him…

They met. Not a coincidence, nor was it an accident. This story was meant to happen and was directed by something greater than either of them.

Prancing about the common ground of the outdoors, in old alleyways with the smell of the water and the ships surrounding them, their two worlds meshed together, never to be separated again.

There you have it. Boy met girl, and they have decided to live happily ever after.

Dear 16-Year-Old Me…

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You will end up attending a private school so horrible that you will momentarily become socially awkward. You will, for a short time fall into a pit so deep that you will feel like it’s the end for you. They will hate you for having a sense of humor. For being yourself. But no worries, 23 year-old-you will be a success, because through it all Jesus held you and gave you the willpower to pull through.

You will finally get a job, slaving in the sun, and pay for those braces that you wanted oh so badly! Before you know it, they will be off : )

You will never gain as much weight as you want to, no matter how you will try…(at least not 7 years from now) but you will learn to accept who you are, love it…and meet someone who also does. : )

You will get engaged! (and married) : )

You WILL still know Sheriza and Steve…and attend their wedding!

Sheriza and I at 16, randomly dressing alike that day!

Your best friend Nicole will move permanently to Costa Rica, be married there and be expecting! (But, 16-year-old-me, that’s no surprise to you!)

You will start to learn a second language–ROMANIAN!

You will FINALLY have an amazing GROUP of friends that feel like family whom you can completely be yourself around and share the same values and dreams as you. YOU WILL ROCK AT COOKING AND CLEANING.

A man will find you that loves you for you!

Your rabbit will STILL be alive and well : )

You will be published TWICE. (so far…)

Your childhood friends from Willowdale will be your MCs at your wedding!

You will be a model in a fashion show, and will be FEARLESS.

You will overcome ALL shyness. You will enjoy public speaking.

Your little sister won’t be young forever…: (

You will overcome your fear of germs and stool! In fact, you will become so desensitized that you will have to remind yourself every once in awhile that these people you are working with are VERY SICK and/or DYING. You will be their SUPER MOM. : )

You will stop plucking your eyebrows so thin, or feel the need to wear any vast amount of make up. You will avoid sunless tanners after a few mishaps!

You will finally find a hairdresser who knows how to cut your hair without cutting it ALL OFF!

You will choose to attend prom WITHOUT a date.

You will hold true (all this time) to your morals and will truly NEVER compromise, no matter how angry, lonely or sad you may feel throughout the next few years. Your 23-year-old-you will be proud of the 16-year-old you, because you stayed strong. No regrets for staying true!

And yes, 16-year-old me, you will be BLESSED.

“Cuz…I’m not lucky I’m BLESSED…YES.”


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