The Fabulous Eccentric Life of Eugenie Wallace.

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I must point out that I was named after my great-grandmother. She was a woman who bore eight children to her blacksmith husband, passing away as she gave birth to her last. You may like to pronounce it as You-Jean-Knee, although I would much rather prefer the more distinguished pronunciation of You-Jin-nay. If you did not guess already, she was of French heritage and it is rumored that she was actually half Native Canadian.

I am a writer or sorts. I have yet to see my first published work, but I am the author of many works-in-progress and numerous manuscripts that have yet to see the light of day. Until then, they sit and collect dust in the bottom drawer of my desk.

I live alone, with the exception of a small dog named Rasputin and a fish in which I tend to replace every six months or so (or as long as their little lives permit). I do not bother to name the fish, sentimental attachment to one whose life is so short-lived can really get to a person when it is repeated so often.

I would like to show you all what the world looks like, through my eyes. I know this may sound like mindless babbling, but I assure you there is a method to my madness.

First off, you should all know a little about my appearance. I am five foot six, weighing around 115 pounds. My weight tends to fluctuate here and there, depending on my level of stress, my nerves and exactly how well I am doing financially. I suppose I can be considered “rail thin” as my grandmother on my father’s side once described me as. By no means am I unhealthy, but I dare not lie to you and say that I enjoy food. When I am hungry I will eat, yet I do not consider it a hobby of mine, as many women my age seem to demonstrate.

I have ash-brown hair, which I have never dyed.  When I want to write, I can only do so if my hair is tied in a little knot at the top of my head. My style is somewhat eclectic, and I like to match pale neutrals with brightly coloured scarves and hats.

As for a little blush here and mascara there, I am not against it. I usually need to throw my mascara in the garbage before I get any actual use of it. They say that after three months it has collected so much bacteria that it should no longer be used. Call me neurotic, I call it following the rules.

I am very much in love. With my work, that is. There IS a man in my life trying to woo me, and although my heart does a little skip (and possibly a jump as well) when he comes knocking with a bouquet of field flowers, I dare not show it.

He does not quite see the importance of me being in absolute solitude as I write which will one day be a revered masterpiece.

But this story is FAR from over.



Did I Mention?

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How much I love this hairstyle?

Hallo Kitty Rules the World.

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I was on the prowl, shopping with my younger sister and we came upon an adorable pair of Hello Kitty underwear. Upon closer inspection I realized a typo, repeated all over the entire garment. This prompted me to buy! Hallo world, welcome the newest addition to my wardrobe!


Dance Through the Meadows Looking Like a Marionette.

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I need to get my hands (or my eyes) on a pair of these! PAPER EYELASHES! I quite like the Peacock design. Oh the wonders of the creative mind! I commend whoever came up with this. It’s apparently an idea stemming from none other than CHINA.


Pastel Princess…etc.

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In light of the fact that spring is on it’s way, it’s got me thinking of bright, breezy colours and little sun dresses.

I found this all on a little site called! These were a FEW of my favourites, but there were so many, this blog would have been MASSIVE if I added ALL my likes. Enjoy!


Dare I Say…

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I want one of these little dogs! I’ve heard that male dogs get more attached to their female owners, and female dogs more attached to male owners. My decision is made, clearly. A boy it is! (I need to get Mircea to agree to one in a year or so)

Morkie: Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier


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