Let’s Get Some Shoes!

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’m supposed to be studying for the exam that I have tomorrow afternoon, BUT I stumbled upon something amazing, and I couldn’t just keep quiet. I’m going to start off by saying:

I have found the most beautiful shoes in existence.

They are a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, and a damn fabulous one. This is where you can go to get more of the details. So without further ado…

The con is that there’s only one pair… I can still sit here and drool though, so I’m good. If you ever want me to love you like I have never loved anyone before in my entire life, you will get me these shoes. To all the rich bastards that might stumble onto this blog and are looking for a good housewife. THANKS.



The Child Within.

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When I was a young child I would often look at adults as boring. I would enter a department store and want to go straight to the toy section. I would think, how can adults not like this? They must not know what it’s like to have fun! HA!

The definition of fun may change, but our inner being does not. We still can feel the same feelings of being betrayed, being alone, being afraid, being happy and feeling love towards something. The core feelings in themselves do not change even when circumstances shift with time.

Whether it’s that brand new sand box, or that brand new Ferrari…

When I was a teenager, which was not long ago, it would bother me how some older adults would constantly pin “peer pressure”  solely on teenagers . I would look around a room after a play, or a speech and there would be one adult (the trendsetter) and they would stand up alone and clap. Then some of the others would linger in their seats, not wanting to be singled out, and wait for a few of the others to stand. It would get to the point that once two thirds of the room was standing and clapping, the cautious ones would feel peer pressured into standing up. You would watch the last bunch stand awkwardly for the last few seconds of the applause.

The inner man–the same.

Are you the type of adult who stands first, safely in between, or last?


Muse of the Moment: Elsa Ruck

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Take one part English schoolgirl, one part boho chic, and two parts musician. That is the recipe for Elsa Ruck. She can dance up a storm and play a mean guitar (not to mention, she writes her own songs). You may most likely find her in her cozy 1920’s-style apartment she shares with her husband, on the stage, or kicking back at Starbucks. I suggest you check for her footprints in any local forest. You MAY catch a glimpse of her. Watch carefully, or she’ll whisk herself away and be gone like the wind! Yeah, she is pretty darn remarkable.

I decided to design Elsa a dress, inspired by a dream I remember her telling me about. (I think her mom had the dream). It is almost entirely made of feathers, quite suited to her part-native roots. I felt like simple was the way to go, as to not take away from the splendor of the natural elements!

If you would like to read Elsa’s daily notions, go to http://www.littlemessythings.tumblr.com!


From Such Great Heights

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Don’t get me wrong, I love movies that tend to be a bit more artistic and dramatic than most. And I promise I don’t spend my days watching romantic comedies, while texting anyone who’ll listen, about how much I want Robert Downey Jr. as my boytoy (well, I don’t spend MOST days doing that). I went to see the Black Swan the other night, expecting to come out completely in love with it… but it didn’t quite work out that way. I can appreciate the beauty of it and how well it manages to delve into a world that absolutely fascinates and frightens you at the same time BUT I can’t really say I enjoyed it very much when I watched it. It might be the fact that I was in a cheery mood going in, which meant that every scene that was a bit more dramatic than I would’ve like, I sat there shaking my head and thinking “REALLY GURL? You kno’ children in Afrika is dyin’ and all but you’re sittin’ there cryin’ ‘boucho cuticles bein’ bad?! REALLY?” In all seriousness, it was a fantastic movie, beautiful in a lot of ways, but definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The ending makes it worth seeing, for me, so I would recommend it, but not to everyone. If you’re not easily put off, if you can stand disturbing sequences, go for it, you could enjoy it. If you hate being confused until the last thirty seconds of the movie, you should probably skip out on this one.
Oh and another upside, Natalie Portman is absolutely stunning:

Other than movies that reconcile my thoughts of becoming a ballerina, not too much has been going on. With exams around the corner, there’s too much stress to let the creative juices flow. I did fall in love (again) yesterday, near the end of my yoga class, with a song this time. This baby managed to make my day.


I Have a Longing to Sketch in Grandfather’s Attic.

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In 2008, 40 different high profile fashion designers submitted their sketches on how they would dress Michelle Obama for the inauguration.  I managed to dig up some images on the internet. The MAJOR one on the end is  Christian Lacroix and the one beside it is Diane Von Furstenburg.

I am in massive like with the look of design sketches. The wispy, underweight limbs, angular shaped faces and simplistic hair.  I even managed to send a few of my own to New York last year to 3.1 Phillip Lim. I did not hear back, but at least I can say it was done! I may try to post a few of my own designs shortly.

The markers that are commonly used are easy to blend, and go on much like watercolor.  I own a range of colors…although I am still in dire need of pink, purple and maybe a mint green?

I drew a sketch for each of my coworkers a few years back (meant to be them) in a fabulous outfit I know would suit their tastes.  Of course, the sketch made them a little bit emaciated, a little more faceless, and possibly a few inches taller.

But hey, all in the name of ART. Right?


The Lady’s Horse.

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A poem I wrote.

A stallion on a stricken path

Fearing no more than his rider’s wrath.

The lady in her dress of white

Her raven tresses reflect moonlight.


Afraid of what the past does bring

And how the future chimes do sing.

Yet onward, onward so they plod

Pushing through earth’s clay, they trod.


Treetops crack and sway in fright

Oh, the darkness of this night.

Her woven hair trails behind

Yet through it all the moon does shine.


Distant thunder rumbles loud

Among the far off baleful clouds.

Hooves beat slow, then quicken pace

As rain begins to cut and chafe.


Mercilessly does it fall

Blinding the travelers from it all.

And though the path cannot be seen

The horse’s watchful eyes still gleam.


Out shrieks the maiden in frigid fear

When she spots through the torrent, what doth come near.

A man on such a horse as hers,

Yet blood drips thick, beneath his spurs.


“Oh your grace this shant be done!

For I am wed to another one!”

He smiles before he strikes her down

Her ashen face does hit the ground.


“If I not be the one you wed

I swore by life I’d find you dead!”

He laughs and holds a clenched fist high

With one more glance to the bitter sky.


Lightning strikes as if by fate

The earth at last unleashes hate.

A pine tree falls to the path with force

Striking a man upon a horse.


Dawn breaks, much like a mocking cause

Giving light, revealing flaws.

On muddied dirt lay a maiden and lord

One crushed by a tree, another slashed by a sword.


No villager could explain this display.

What happened that night, was no clearer by day.

Yet alas there was one faithful soul

Who knew the epic as a whole.


A lone, proud stallion trots along

Through the meadows and beyond.

His gleaming eyes know so much more

As he stops to graze on the forest floor.



I apologize for any typos…I was so excited upon finding this poem that I was typing quite fast and my head was in a cloud.



All is Fair in Love and Simplicity.

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Today, I thought I would make a list of activities that one can do with no more than $10 in the pocket and a dash of optimism.

1.  Take a long walk with someone you care about. Go off the beaten path, and find a place you have never been before. It could be a clearing in the middle of the woods, or a broken down old shack. Allow yourself 5 minutes to take it all in. Smell the air, listen to the sounds…write it all down as it happens! (I did this once on a train).

2.   In referral to my previous notion, if it is summertime, bring a blanket, lie it on the ground and stare up at the treetops.

3.  Make cupcakes. Think of odd things to put on top. Even make shapes and attach them to toothpicks.

4.  Paint rocks, and use them as paperweights.

5.  Spend a couple days doing everything by candlelight.

6.  “Mock” online shop. Add everything you ever wanted on impulse to your cart, see what the total comes to, then minimize your screen until the buzz wears off. (haha…NOOO i don’t do this)

7.  Surprise someone special with a hot drink and sit with them.

8.  Write a poem.

9.  Drive your car (bring someone with you) to a really dark, remote place in the country. Have your laptop on you, and watch a really suspenseful/tense movie. Make sure all your doors are locked…

10.  Kind of crazy but…try being a different personality for a day towards people who don’t know you otherwise. A friend and I once attempted social awkwardness. Let me tell you, it’s harder than it sounds!


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