Desperate Housewives

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I had goals and ambitions once. I was going to become a doctor or a lawyer or one of those powerful women they based comic books on. Then I discovered what a woman’s real role in life is. Cooking lovely meals, making sure the house is spic and span, and being pretty and ready for anything at a man’s side… does anything sound better than that? Making sure that your home is a happy, warm place that everyone loves to frequent and being willing to fulfill your husbands every need should be every woman’s dream. I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking, has this girl lost it? The answer is no! I even found this fantastic “guide book”, if you will, that puts into words everything I now strive for. I know you’re all dying to read it so I’ll put the link here. Click it, you’ll love it, upon my word as a devoted future housewife*.  I even found some lovely paintings as inspiration, I look at them every morning to remind myself of the good things in store and to keep a positive attitude. By the lovely Kelly Reemtsen… 

Well, I’m off to find Mr.Right!


*in case you don’t know me, this isn’t serious, I do have other goals and ambitions in life. Although a “job” that involves cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, and watching Oprah doesn’t sound like that bad…


I Dare You to Read This.

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I keep finding these. Copyright Miranda Hynes 2009

FIRST OF ALL. I added a photograph. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I am about to say. But if you would like to know what I’m wearing, my dress is Charlotte Ronson, my necklace is made by me (knotted chains and such) and the mask is somewhat of a novelty which I purchased at a party store from the leftover New Year’s stock. The photographer is a friend of mine. She is very talented, very innovative, and our brains connect really well when we work together to come up with creative and quirky ideas.

SECONDLY. You would not believe my disappointment in the ignorant attitudes many are carrying, due to technology.

I can start off by telling you that it is not ALL BAD when used in MODERATION. If it weren’t for computers, I wouldn’t be writing a blog, making videos, or sharing pictures that inspire me.

BUT… When one has music blasting in their ears (not good for your hearing first of all) to the point that they take a walk or car ride with you, but cannot hear you speak, and do not respond when you try to do so…

THAT is an acquired social awkwardness that should NEVER HAPPEN. It sends the message “I don’t care what you have to say. I am not really here with you.”

It is a loss of human connection. I find that this has come about in the most drastic way in only the past 10 years . If we keep going, what will become of the children of these zombies? What about their grandchildren? I was riding the bus and glanced over to see a young girl, no older than five, playing with a Nintendo DS. She was completely engrossed, and clearly addicted. What ever happened to IMAGINATION?

I am a child of the late 80’s. We still played with toys. Obesity was not an issue with any of the children I knew. Of course it still existed, but it wasn’t an epidemic.  In the summer, we would be outside. In the winter…


I was forever being introduced to things that caused my brain to grow more and more connections daily. I was made to problem-solve, create and think outside the box. When you no longer have use for an imagination, to be proactive or to dream…you die inside. It’s called becoming senile. This kind of person eventually ends up in a nursing home.

It is a common scene to see a group (or even two) people out for dinner and they are looking down at their phones, ignoring who they are with. Let me ask you, what is so important? It is not a quick glance, once, in the entire duration of the dinner. It happens numerous times, often for long periods of time. The person across from you shouldn’t have even bothered to show up. Maybe if they were somewhere else, texting you, they would suddenly be put on the technological pedestal of importance?

Where is the human connection? The wonder of being in the presence of another living soul, who took the time out of their day to spend WITH YOU?



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